Gail Bichler: New York Times Magazine Type, 2015-Present

Gail Bichler and Henrik Kubel: New York Times Magazine Type: 2015 - Present from Type Directors Club on Vimeo.

TDC Salon: June 6, 2017. “New York Times Magazine Type: 2015-Present” with Gail Bichler and Henrik Kubel

In 2015, The New York Times Magazine embarked on the most extensive redesign in its history. Gail Bichler, the magazine’s Design Director, and London type designer Henrik Kubel discuss that process, focusing on the development of an entirely new suite of typefaces and showcasing the ways in which those typefaces and customized typography have been used in the magazine’s covers, features, and special issues. Gail and her team have won numerous awards for their print and interactive design as well as their groundbreaking work in virtual reality.