Mehdi Saeedi: Calligraphic Transformation

Mehdi Saeedi: Calligraphic Transformation from Type Directors Club on Vimeo.

TDC Salon: October 18, 2016. “Calligraphic Transformation” with Mehdi Saeedi

Mehdi Saeedi‎, an internationally known award-winning artist and designer based in Philadelphia, was born in Tehran, Iran. As a typographer and calligrapher, his expertise is zoomorphic lettering design—shaping words into animals and other forms. Hix artistic vision is informed by the aesthetic heritage and traditions of the Middle East. Combining his experience in classical Persian calligraphy with visual cues from the art of dance, Saeedi explores the sensual nature of writing. In this TDC salon, he presents his work, discusses the evolution of his style, and gives a preview of new projects.