Typegeist, A New Publication about Type

Background: A sign in Chennai, India. Photo by Pooja Saxena

The Type Directors Club has launched Typegeist, a new editorial platform that illuminates various aspects of the current moment in international type design and typography through original essays by curious designers, historians, academics, experts, and aficionados. Our first issue, “Decentralizing Type,” is about type outside of Western centers. Dan Reynolds writes about India, Sahar Afshar comments on type in regions where the Arabic script is used, and YuJune Park and Caspar Lam interview designers about contemporary type in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Typegeist also asked three designers, Pragun Agarwal, Mohammad Sharaf, and TienMin Liao, to interpret the issue’s theme visually through typographic illustrations.

Details of illustrations by Mohammad Sharaf, TienMin Liao, and Pragun Agarwal (left to right)

Typegeist has been created by a team of Type Directors Club board members and editor Caren Litherland, and we worked with Synoptic Office to design this first digital issue. The design of Typegeist is an important platform for new typefaces and typography — this issue features type donated by General Type Studio and Frere-Jones Type. While the first issue is digital only, plans are in the works for future issues in print.

Typegeist is committed to high standards in the presentation of exclusive content that explores the zeitgeist in type. With curiosity and wit, Typegeist takes advantage of the unique knowledge and expertise of the TDC and its members and friends. Typegeist is inspired by the belief that type shapes language and ideas, and deserves thoughtful consideration as both a product and driver of culture. Please visit us at and sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @tdc_typegeist.