Type Directors Club is proud to acknowledge the companies, organizations, and institutions that continue to play a leadership role through their sponsorship of events, activities, resources, and programs:

Sponsorship Opportunities

The high quality of the programs at Type Directors Club and the club’s global network provide great opportunities for institutional and corporate partnerships. Sponsors support us in educating others about type, celebrating the masters and up-and-coming leaders in the typographic world, and creating events and exhibitions to unite all those working in the field of typography.

In return, we offer sponsors a discerning audience of smart, savvy, and sophisticated type designers and users who share a commitment to excellence.

We welcome an opportunity to speak with potential sponsors about how TDC can facilitate your promotional and marketing objectives, such as:

  • Onsite visibility at single or multiple events
  • Promotions and sampling opportunities
  • Affiliation with an established globally recognized organization

Sponsorship opportunities include some of TDC’s most high-profile initiatives and directions:

  • TDC Typography Annual
  • Student scholarships
  • New York City salons
  • Salons in other US cities
  • Video recordings of salons
  • Educational workshops
  • TDC Book Night
  • TDC Competition Judges Night
  • New York exhibitions at TDC
  • International exhibitions of competition winners
  • Special events

To speak about creating a custom sponsorship,
contact Carol Wahler at