Charles Nix —”WWJD? (What Would Justus Do?)”

Charles Nix —"WWJD? (What Would Justus Do?)" from Type Directors Club on Vimeo.

Charles Nix — “WWJD? (What Would Justus Do?)”
TDC Salon, September 20, 2018, NYC

Messages from the dead! Mystical communication across two centuries! International intrigue! Typographic treasures guarded by a network of biblio-zealots! A massive cabal! A plot so colossal no less than 90 collaborators involved! A Corsican invader! Genius hampered by Emperor Napoleon! German Romance! The Caspar David Friedrich of type!

Behold! An illustrated lecture! Charles Nix provides an extensive look at Justus Erich Walbaum—the 250-year-old Modern man!

NOTE: This version of the presentation is pre-recorded, and not the live version of the TDC salon itself. Crisp and clean for your enjoyment.

Charles Nix is a designer, typographer, and educator. He is a Type Director at Monotype, where he, Carl Crossgrove, and Juan Villanueva designed the 69-font Walbaum family, released in June 2018.