Debbie Millman and Paul Sahre: A Graphic Memoir?

TDC Salon: November 17, 2017. “A Graphic Memoir?” with Paul Sahre and Debbie Millman.

Designer-turned-author Paul Sahre leads off with a presentation, and then is joined by Debbie Millman and special guests John Gall and Gabriel Levinson, to discuss Sahre’s new book Two-Dimensional Man, published by Abrams Press. They reflect on the highs and lows of committing to life as a graphic designer, the making of the book, and what prompted Paul to write it.

Paul Sahre is a graphic designer that has doggedly remained independent, operating his own practice since 1997. He is a frequent visual contributor to The New York Times, has designed book covers, authored books, and built and destroyed a life-sized monster truck hearse for the band They Might Be Giants. Debbie Millman is a writer, educator, artist, brand consultant, and host of the radio show Design Matters.