TDC 2017 Medal Recipient Gerard Unger

TDC 2017 Medalist Recipient Gerard Unger from Type Directors Club on Vimeo.

On July 18, 2017, legendary Dutch type designer and educator Dr. Gerard Unger was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor by the Type Directors Club, recognizing over five decades of accomplishment creating some of the world’s most influential typefaces. In this video, which was shown that night, Dr. Unger speaks about his life’s work.

Video created by Strange Attractors Design Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Typographer, Animator, Researcher: Ryan Pescatore Frisk. Executive producers: Catelijne van Middelkoop, Carol Wahler, Matteo Bologna, Dan Rhatigan. Special thanks to: Fred Smeijers, Erik van Blokland, Paul van der Laan, Martin Majoor, Tobias Frere Jones, Jonathan Hoefler, Just van Rossum, Gerry Leonidas, Peter Bilak, Underware, and Frank Blokland.