TDC at Parsons: Neville Brody – Type and Time

TDC at Parsons: “Type and Time” with Neville Brody
June 14, 2018

Different eras, different societies, and different peoples demand different ways of communicating. As technology, tools, and tasks change over time, the languages we speak and the way we speak them need to evolve to remain appropriate and relevant.

This fluid approach to type design and usage underpins the work of Neville Brody, from his early hand-drawn type for record covers and magazines in the eighties through experimental type venture FUSE in the nineties, to recent work for Samsung, Channel4, and Coca-Cola.

In “Type and Time,” Brody presents his type thoughts and expressions through the ages, and talks about his ideas for the future.

This talk was held at Parsons School of Design.

Sponsors: Type Network & Brody Fonts.