Title Design Winners

The TDC Title Design Competition became its own separate competition in 2012 but has since been reintegrated into the TDC Communication Design Competition. Below is an archive of the awards given prior to the competitions merging.


The Jury

  • Ian Albinson
  • Matt Lambert
  • Shane Walter
Karin Fong, Competition Chair

The Winners

  1. A History Of The Title Sequence

    • Client: FC Walvisch
    • Additional Credits: Music and Sound Design: Lea Jurida • Production Tools: After Effects, Canon 5D MKII camera, charcoal, ecoline, paper, and pencils
    • School: Willem De Kooning Academy
    • Professor: Arjanne Laan
    • Principal Type: Gotham HTF Light
  2. Boss

    • Foundry: Starz Network
    • Client: Elastic
    • Additional Credits: Art Direction: Jeremy Landman, New York • Creative: Direction Angus Wall • Editor: David Brodie
    • Principal Type: Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk
  3. The Practice of Beauty

    • Client: Logokinetix, Mmarina
    • Additional Credits: Art Direction: Platon Infante-Arana • Creative Direction: Platon Infante-Arana • Calligrapher: Marina Marjina • Animation: Platon Infante-Arana • Producer: Stsena prod co.
    • Principal Type: Optimus Normal and handlettering
  4. Motherless Brooklyn

    • School: Lycée Jacques Prévert of Boulogne-Billancourt
    • Professor: Manuel Charpy
    • Principal Type: THUNDERHOUSE
  5. Final Destination 5

    • Foundry: Steven Quale, New Line Cinema, Practical Pictures and Zide Pictures
    • Client: Prologue Films
    • Language: Kyle Cooper, Venice, California
    • Additional Credits: Producer: Kate Berry, Lee Buckley, and Ty Van Huisen •
    • Principal Type: Helvetica
  6. Sherlock Holmes

    • Foundry: Guy Ritchie and Warner Bros. Pictures
    • Client: Prologue Films
    • Additional Credits: Creative Direction: Danny Yount • Executive Producer: Kyle Cooper • Calligrapher: Anne Robin
    • Principal Type: handlettering
  7. The Green Hornet

    • Foundry: Screen Gems
    • Client: Picture Mill
    • Language: David Clayton
    • Additional Credits: Creative Direction: William Lebeda
    • Principal Type: various
  8. Friends With Benefits

    • Foundry: Screen Gems
    • Client: Picture Mill
    • Language: David Clayton
    • Additional Credits: Creative Direction: William Lebeda
    • Principal Type: Bureau Grotesque
  9. A Design Film Festival

    • Foundry: Felix Ng, Anonymous Pte Ltd., Singapore
    • Client: qu-int. marken | medien | kommunikation
    • Language: Design Sebastian Lange (and Motion)
    • Additional Credits: Creative Direction: Sebastian Lange, Freiburg, Germany • Video and Audio Editing: Sebastian Lange • Music Coda: The Do (Ending track)
    • Principal Type: Helvetica Neue
  10. Offf Barcelona 2011 Partner Titles

    • Foundry: Hector Ayuso Ros, Offf Festival Barcelona
    • Client: Kultnation
    • Additional Credits: Creative Director: Marco Vinicio Morales Aburto • Research and Documentation: Serena Chew Plascencia • Academic Researcher: Independent Academic Researcher • Composer: Gavin Little, Dublin • Sound Design: Original Music Echolab • Music and Sound Design: Echolab • Piano: Tobias Norberg, Stockholm
    • Principal Type: NB55MS and custom
  11. Formers

    • Foundry: Google Ideas
    • Additional Credits: Producer: Esther Raphael • Executive Producer: Julie Cohen and Robert Waddilove • Production Manager: Beki Gard • Post Production Assistant: Tyron Storm • Editor: Hamish Lyons • Production Company: Across the Pond Productions
    • Principal Type: venir Std 95 Black
  12. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    • Foundry: Sony Pictures, Director David Fincher
    • Language: Tim Miller
    • Additional Credits: Type Animation: Onur Senturk • Computer Animation / Design Studio: Blur Studio, Inc. • Production Method/Principal Tools: Various
    • Principal Type: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo font, Jupiter and Jupiter Pro