TDC Typeface Design Winners 2010

There was an increase in entries in the typeface design competition this year. We received 9% more entries. Of the 176 typefaces entered from 29 countries, 16 were selected. The winning typefaces came from seven countries. 79% was outside the U.S.

Dave Farey, HouseStyle Graphics, London was the chair. Dave stated that it was stimulating to see such a wide range of new styles across al the categories, particularly the non latin alphabets. The panel of judges were very meticulous in their selections – sadly, not all entrants work was chosen, but all of them were carefully considered, and appreciated.

The Jury

  • Gail Anderson (Spotco, New York)
  • Gary Munch (Munchfonts)
  • Daniel Pelavin
  • Doyald Young

The Winners

  1. Ingeborg

  2. Deliscript

    • Designer: Michael Doret, Hollywood, California
  3. Kazuraki

    • Designer: Ryoko Nishizuka, Tokyo
    • Foundry: Adobe Systems, Inc.
    • Language: Japanese
    • Website:
  4. Urbana Lnd

    • Designer: Birgit Mayer, Vienna, Austria
  5. Joos

  6. Espinosa Nova

    • Designer: Cristobal Henestrosa, Mexico City, Mexico
  7. Lavigne Display

    • Designer: Ramiro Espinoza, Amsterdam
    • Foundry: ReType
  8. ITC Legacy Square Serif Pro

    • Designer: Ronald Arnholm, Athens, Georgia
    • Foundry: International Typeface Corporation
    • Website:
  9. Retiro

    • Designer: Jean François Porchez, Clamart, France
  10. Narziss

  11. Rieven

  12. Fugu

  13. Ysobel

  14. Rum Black

  15. Aisha

  16. DecoType Nastaliq

    • Designer: Mirjam Somers, Amsterdam
    • Foundry: DecoType
    • Client: Winsoft, France