TDC Typeface Design Winners 2011

I find my self in the unique position of having been involved with this competition from its beginning. Paul Shaw and I started it, we served as co-chairs for the first two competitions and since then I have been an judge once and a chairman twice more. When I have not been directly involved, I have helped out during the days of judging and I think I have observed or been involved with eleven or twelve of the fourteen TDC2 competitions.

What I have seen is a exponential increase in the quality of the submissions. This year we received the most entries ever for a single year of eligibility. The number of non-latin designs continues to grow, and the demands on the expertise of the judges is now greater than ever. The judges were a wonderfully thoughtful and cooperative bunch. Listening to the intense discussion surrounding their choices was an education that anyone involved in type design would value. Besides the expertise of the judges the competition could not have been successfully concluded without the hard work of Maxim Zhukov, who coordinated the examination and commentary of all of the non-latin submissions with our Non-Latin Review Board. I thank everyone for their hard work and good humor.

The Jury

  • Jos Buivenga
  • Jessica Hische
  • Steve Matteson
  • Charles Nix
  • Competition Chair: James Montalbano

Total Entries: 179 (178 last year)
USA: 48 Entries, 10 Winners
World: 131 Entries, 10 Winners
73% of entries were from outside the US represented by 28 countries
50% of the winners were from outside the US represented by 6 countries

The Winners

  1. Brandon Grotesque

  2. Eames Century Modern

    • Designer: Erik van Blokland, The Hague
    • Foundry: House Industries, Yorklyn, Delaware
  3. Aero

    • Designer: Chester Jenkins and Jeremy Mickel, Brooklyn, New York, and Providence, Rhode Island
    • Foundry: Village Type and Design
    • Website:
  4. Palatino Sans Arabic

    • Designer: Nadine Chahine, Bad Homburg, Germany
    • Foundry: Linotype GmbH
    • Language: Arabic
    • Website:
  5. Tundra

  6. Amalta

  7. Thuraya Regular

    • Designer: Kristyan Sarkis, Beirut, Lebanon
    • Language: Arabic
  8. Shift

  9. FF Suhmo

  10. News

    • Designer: Aki Toyoshima, New York
    • Foundry: FONT1000
    • Language: Japanese
    • Website:
  11. Daisy

    • Designer: Ludwig Übele, Berlin
  12. Matrona

  13. Tabati

    • Designer: Lara Assouad Khoury, Beirut, Lebanon
    • Foundry: Dar Onboz Publishing
    • Language: Arabic
  14. Nori

    • Designer: Neil Summerour, Jefferson, Georgia
    • Foundry: Positype
  15. Eventide

    • Designer: Jeremy Mickel, Providence, Rhode Island
    • Foundry: Photo-Lettering, Inc. / House Industries
    • Website:
    • Additional Credits: Art Directors: Ken Barber and Christian Schwartz
  16. Enzian

  17. Elegy

    • Designer: Jim Wasco, Redwood City, California
    • Foundry: Monotype Imaging, Woburn, Massachusetts
  18. Poem

    • Designer: Alejandro Paul, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Foundry: Sudtipos
  19. Eames Poster Numerals

    • Designer: Erik van Blokland, The Hague
    • Foundry: House Industries, Yorklyn, Delaware